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06 November 2006

Assessing the quality of information to support people in making decisions about their health and healthcare

A study was carried out to determine the current quality of health information and to assess the added value of accrediting information providers.

09 October 2006

A secondary analysis of primary care survey data to explore differences in response by ethnicity

Picker has available a great deal of expertise in conducting and analysing patient experience surveys. As part of the research being carried out for the National Association for Patient Participation it was agreed to perform some secondary analysis on the data collected for the Healthcare Commission’s Primary Care patient’s survey.

14 September 2006

Implementing patient decision aids in urology

This report describes and evaluates the implementation of an innovative programme to help patients diagnosed with either early-stage localised prostate cancer or Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) to reach ‘good quality’ decisions about their treatment in partnership with healthcare professionals.

04 September 2006

What do you think of your doctor – a review of questionnaires for gathering patients’ feedback on their doctors

The need has never been greater for rigorous assessment of individual doctors’ performance against clearly defined standards. Many of the […]

11 May 2006

Education for partnership – developments in medical education

This study looked at the extent to which doctors are being trained to work in partnership with patients and explored gaps in both evidence and practice.

10 April 2006

Engaging patients in their healthcare – how is the UK doing relative to other countries

Engaging patients in their healthcare and encouraging people to take responsibility for protecting their health are seen as the best way to ensure the sustainability of health systems.

03 April 2006

What do patients and relatives see as key competencies for intensive care doctors

Doctors working in intensive care units have to deal with critical clinical problems that require high level technical skills and […]

06 March 2006

A review of professional codes and standards for doctors in the UK, USA and Canada

This paper examines professional codes of medical bodies which perform the de facto regulatory functions of certification or licensure in the UK, […]

11 January 2006

Information for people living with conditions that affect their appearance – Report 1

Picker undertook a research programme to investigate the information needs of patients with conditions that affect appearance. This report describes the findings of a qualitative study and review of previous research.

21 November 2005

How engaged are people in their health care – findings of a national telephone survey

A high-quality healthcare system is one that puts patients at the centre of the treatment process. Informed, active patients are […]

12 July 2005

Trends in patients’ experience of the NHS

This research identifies eight aspects of healthcare that patients consider most important: Fast access to reliable health advice; Effective treatment […]

04 July 2005

Patients’ experience of choosing where to undergo surgical treatment

London Patient Choice (LPC) offered patients facing a wait of more than eight months for elective surgery the option of […]


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