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We are experts in measuring and understanding staff wellbeing, engagement, and experiences – particularly through staff experience surveys. We have coordinated the NHS Staff Survey – now the largest workforce survey in the world – since 2011 and work with hundreds of organisations each year to measure staff experiences.

We understand that the delivery of the highest quality care is completely reliant on the employees providing it within health and social care systems. Staff engagement is paramount, with individual and team efforts, practices and behaviours directly impacting patient care experiences.

Just as the experiences of patients and service users can provide insight into the quality of health and social care services, we at Picker believe that improving staff experience and staff wellbeing should be an important goal for care organisations.

Our programmes and staff surveys, including the NHS Staff Survey and National Quarterly Pulse Survey tracking staff experience, use our advanced analysis and reporting, focused on ensuring NHS staff survey results are understood and effectively communicated. We interrogate the links between staff morale and patient experience, and are consistently working to define terms and measure outcomes more effectively in this area.

Our principles include

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