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Our survey programmes are crucial to gain a greater understanding of how to improve patient experience, and we run hundreds of thousands of them every year. We design, develop and run a range of surveys on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI) and the Care Quality Commission (CQC). These NHS and CQC surveys provide a valuable source of feedback on patient and staff experience of NHS services.

We are the partner of choice for over 50% of English NHS providers and commissioners, helping them to create, implement and sustain patient experience programmes that drive real quality improvement in healthcare.

The impacts of Picker-partnered surveys are far reaching across multiple health care service users, from children and young people to adult inpatients and those using maternity services. We understand the need to adapt our methodology to each group according to individual needs, ensuring the most accurate and comprehensive responses.

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Chosen partner for NHS Staff and NHS Patient surveys

Picker is the NHS regulator’s chosen partner to run the NHS National Survey programme. In 2002, we worked alongside key stakeholders to design and established the first-ever national survey programme measuring patient experience. The Survey Coordination Centre for the CQC, based at Picker, still runs the Children and Young People’s Patient Experience, Urgent and Emergency Care, and Community Mental Health surveys.

Our survey package is built on decades of expertise, putting Picker at the forefront of mixed-methodology survey deployments – combining paper and digital for the most robust, measurable results. Our research offers a deeper dive into patient experiences using thematic reviews, sentiment analysis and bespoke research and consultancy to suit specific requirements.

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Adult Inpatient Survey

Crying baby propped up on Dad's legs with Mum watching and looking worried

Cancer Patient Experience Surveys

Small girl holding a stethoscope to a male doctor's chest

Children and Young People’s Patient Experience Survey

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Friends and Family Test

Mother holding new born baby on her chest while Dad looks on

Maternity Survey

Mixed group of healthcare professionals sitting in a semi circle

NHS Staff Survey

Four healthcare workers standing in a line with a female doctor at the front, then a male doctor, female doctor and male doctor at the back

National Quarterly Pulse Survey

Female nurse looking after a female patient who's sitting up in a hospital bed, surrounded by equipment

Urgent and Emergency Care Survey

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