Our vision, mission and values

Our Vision

The highest quality person centred care for all, always

Our mission

We are here to:

  • Influence policy and practice so that health and social care systems are always centred around people’s needs and preferences
  • Inspire the delivery of the highest quality person centred care, developing tools and services that enable people’s experiences to be better understood
  • Empower staff working in health and social care to improve experiences by effectively measuring and acting upon people’s feedback

Our values

We are proud of the work we do, and are equally proud of the way we do it.
Our core values – excellence, integrity, valuing diversity and collaboration – underpin everything that we do, reflecting what we believe in and how we behave.


Maintaining the quality and consistency of our work is our highest priority. We are not willing to accept the status quo and continuously look for new ways to understand, measure and improve the quality of health and social care.


We ensure our independence using the best possible evidence to drive and support our decision making, our statements and our activities. Our behaviours match our words and we are accountable for all that we do. We only engage in activity which furthers our charitable aims.

Valuing diversity

We recognise all people as equals, valuing individual worth and diversity. Ideas and contributions are judged on their merit not their source.


We encourage ideas and knowledge to be shared freely. We believe that lasting change cannot be delivered in isolation and actively seek partnership opportunities to achieve greater impact.

Our principles include

Emotional support, empathy and respect

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