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We design and deliver original health and social care research. Our rigorous experience surveys advance thinking and policy around person centred care, with the end goal of improving patient experience.

Our healthcare research is often delivered in partnership with leading universities, hospitals and charities. This enables us to develop and share a better understanding of individual needs and outcomes.

Research can be the key to unlocking real improvements in the quality of care and improving patient experience, but only if it that research is put into practice. That’s why we work with governments, their agencies, and regulators to help translate our insights into health and social care policies and structures that support the delivery of high quality person centred care for all. Our work with health and care providers and commissioners similarly goes beyond the experience survey: we support our partners in using research insight to improve practice.

All our products and services are designed to deliver benefit for patients, service users, communities, care professionals, and the public.

Understanding what matters

We have significant expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods to understand, measure, and monitor quality in health and social care. We understand that statistical robustness is key, and work with our clients to ensure that they measure what matters. We test all survey questions and tools, checking for comprehension and relevance.

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Patient experience

Our team of experienced researchers ensure patients are able to engage freely, and share their experiences in their own words – no matter how difficult or sensitive the topic may be.

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Staff experience

Person centred care means taking into account the experiences and priorities of individuals across the spectrum of health and social care. This means gaining greater understanding of staff experiences, and allowing all staff members to tell their stories.

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National survey programmes

We design, develop and run a range of surveys on behalf of NHSEI and the CQC. These surveys provide a valuable source of feedback on patient and staff experience of NHS services.

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Social care

We have experience of successfully using our research methods across a range of care settings, including but not limited to surveying care home residents, hospital patients, and community service users.

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Consultancy and quality improvement

Our expertise covers all stages of research from design, sampling and questionnaire development to execution, analysis and online reporting. We evaluate the things that matter most, producing actionable, insightful results to drive advances in healthcare standards.

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Care experience tools

Picker develop surveys and toolkits to assist organisations with quantitative research into understanding views and experiences of their patients, service users and staff in order to facilitate quality improvement.

Our principles include

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