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06 March 2006

A review of professional codes and standards for doctors in the UK, USA and Canada

This paper examines professional codes of medical bodies which perform the de facto regulatory functions of certification or licensure in the UK, […]

11 January 2006

Information for people living with conditions that affect their appearance – Report 1

Picker undertook a research programme to investigate the information needs of patients with conditions that affect appearance. This report describes the findings of a qualitative study and review of previous research.

21 November 2005

How engaged are people in their health care – findings of a national telephone survey

A high-quality healthcare system is one that puts patients at the centre of the treatment process. Informed, active patients are […]

12 July 2005

Trends in patients’ experience of the NHS

This research identifies eight aspects of healthcare that patients consider most important: Fast access to reliable health advice; Effective treatment […]

04 July 2005

Patients’ experience of choosing where to undergo surgical treatment

London Patient Choice (LPC) offered patients facing a wait of more than eight months for elective surgery the option of […]

18 April 2005

Is the NHS getting better or worse – an in depth look at the views of nearly a million patients between 1998 and 2004

Since 1998 Picker has been involved in running the national patient survey programme for the NHS in England, developing the […]


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