Cancer patient experience surveys

Picker exclusively run and coordinate cancer patient experience surveys across all age groups, running both the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey (NCPES) and Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey (U16 CPES). We work with trusts to run the survey, and results are produced at multiple levels.

Before each survey is sent out, it goes through rigorous testing. We recruit volunteers to carry out cognitive interviewing, a proven process where a researcher goes through the survey with participants and invites them to ‘think aloud’, enabling greater communication, clarity, and accuracy.

National cancer patient experience survey

The NCPES is implemented, analysed, and reported on by Picker: around 67,000 people take part each year, providing insights that can be used to drive quality improvement in care for adults. We have been undertaking this survey since 2019, bringing a significant body of experience and expertise. The survey is overseen by a National Cancer Patient Experience Advisory Group made up of healthcare professionals, patients, cancer charities and Picker. The Advisory Group set the principles and objectives of the survey programme and guide questionnaire development.

Making a difference for children with cancer

NHS England and NHS Improvement commissioned Picker to develop a survey programme appropriate for a younger patient population, to be run in children’s cancer treatment centres. Its aim was to address a gap in knowledge about the experiences of young cancer patients and their parents.

The survey, launched in May 2021, examines experiences across England, with results informing commissioners, providers, and national policymakers to identify priorities for improving care. The survey content was informed by an advisory group of key stakeholders including Picker, clinicians, commissioners and cancer charities, as well as young patients themselves and their families. This new programme finally provides children, young people, and their families with the same equity as adult cancer patients.

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