Picker hosts an Insight Workshop into the CPES 21 results

On July 21st, Picker and NHS England hosted an Insight Workshop comprising of NHS representatives, trusts, cancer support groups and more, to aid the understanding of the 2021 National Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) results. From powerful case studies to lively breakout discussions, the workshop ensured all aspects of the cancer care experience was digested and looked to not only improving the patient experience, but celebrate the positive work and services given by the NHS workforce. Below the Insight Workshop has been spilt into five key presentations:

Listening to Patient Voices

Ceinwen Giles, Co-CEO for Shine Cancer Support and Chair of the Patient Public Voices Forum, NHS Cancer Programme, kicked off the Insight Workshop by exploring; why patient experience is important, the needs of different groups, and how we can work with communities to improve cancer care.

The National Perspective

David Fitzgerald, Cancer Programme Director for NHS England, shares his key takeaways, the celebrations, and the areas of improvements, from the CPES 21 results.


Key Findings

Phillipa Fortune, National Programme Lead and Kirsty Laing, Associate Insight Director for Explain, provide an overview of the headline findings within themes such as hospital care, care planning, main contact support, and GP Support.

King’s College HNFT: Cancer Collaborative

Irina Belun-Vieira, Head of Nursing Cancer and Sola Banjo, Cancer Quality Improvement Manager, presented a powerful case study on how they worked to improve the explanation of diagnostic test results in a completely understandable way for breast adult cancer patients in ethnically diverse communities.


Claire Enston, Deputy Director of Insight and Feedback for NHS England closes the Insight Workshop with an overview of how the results, presentations, and breakout room discussions will be contributing to future of cancer care.


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