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28 October 2021

Understanding and improving the care experiences of children with cancer

Adult cancer patient experiences have been explored annually since 2010 as part of the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey. The […]

Young boy with cancer playing on his laptop in his hosipital bed
27 October 2021

The Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey

The survey, developed by Picker on behalf of NHS England and NHS Improvement, was sent to parents of children and […]

Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey
27 October 2021

Using Twitter to understand health care experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic

Picker uses Twitter comments to understand the discourse around health and care delivery in the United Kingdom as a result of COVID-19.

Journal articles
15 September 2021

Urgent and Emergency Care Survey 2020: Type 3

The 2020 Survey had 59 NHS Trusts take part with responses from 7,424 patients. Feedback was from a sample of […]

15 September 2021

Urgent and Emergency Care Survey 2020: Type 1

The 2020 survey had 126 NHS Trusts take part, with responses from 41,206 patients. Feedback was from a sample of […]

15 September 2021

Survey finds improvements in patients’ urgent and emergency care experiences in England at start of second wave of Covid

Patients attending urgent and emergency care departments in England in September 2020 had better experiences overall…

Image of A&E department entrance
15 September 2021

Despite the impact of Covid-19, urgent and emergency care services have seen positive improvements in person centred care

The Covid-19 pandemic continues to place huge challenges on the health service. Like all areas of the NHS, urgent and […]

Image of an A&E sign above the door
17 August 2021

Using person centred nursing care to improve patients’ lives – Part 2 of 2

In this second blog in a two-part series, we explore what person centred nursing care means. Firstly, welcome to my […]

11 August 2021

The importance of person centred nursing care to improving the lives of people with learning disabilities – Part 1 of 2

Michelle tells us how she practices Person Centred Nursing

21 July 2021

Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust’s cultural journey

Nurturing a collective and compassionate environment at Lincolnshire Partnership NHS FT.

Case study
Group of medical staff talking
20 July 2021

Help for Heroes takes a person centred approach to rehabilitation

Help for Heroes was established to help those who have been injured or become ill whilst serving in our Armed […]

Case study
02 July 2021

Adult Inpatients Survey 2019

The Adult Inpatient Survey asked recent hospital patients about their experiences from admission to discharge.


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