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15 March 2023

Ingenuine participants in health and social care research – challenges and solutions

patient typing details into a smartphone
10 March 2023

Picker CEO Chris Graham joins the HSJ Podcast to discuss the 2022 NHS Staff Results

09 March 2023

Growing proportion of staff are unhappy with the standard of NHS care, according to survey of more than 600,000 NHS staff 

08 March 2023

Pickers values shaped from the start: International Women’s Day

27 February 2023

Collaboration with staff and patients should be standard not special

20 February 2023

Picker supports Help for Heroes to reinforce their mission with an evidence-driven strategy

Case study
13 February 2023

Involving Staff & Patients in Improvement Work

08 February 2023

Parents’ Experiences of Communication in Neonatal Care

Journal articles
02 February 2023

Mental Health First Aid empowering mental health conversations in the workplace

01 February 2023

Dignity is central to delivering quality care

24 January 2023

Picker unveils 2021-22 Impact Report

04 January 2023

Trust, along with treatment, is crucial to Hypothyroid patient satisfaction.


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