World Cancer Day: Listening to data to drive person centred cancer care services

On World Cancer Day on February 4th, we reflect on our unwavering dedication to supporting person centred care through our health and social care research.  

Within the realm of cancer research, the cornerstone of our efforts lies in the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey. Implemented by Picker on behalf of NHS England, the survey captures feedback from around 67,000 adults with cancer each year. This demonstrates it to be an invaluable source of insight for catalysing quality improvements in cancer care in England. 

Since 2019, Picker has worked collaboratively with NHS England, health providers, people with lived experience of cancer care. We also work with cancer charities to deliver a robust survey that is designed to drive meaningful local quality improvements  

Recognising the need to explore the experiences of young cancer patients and their parents, NHS England commissioned Picker to spearhead the Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey. Launched in May 2021, the survey champions the importance of listening to children and young people in order to improve paediatric oncology. 

Making a global impact

Our impact goes beyond the UK; Picker plays a pivotal role in global cancer research. Collaborating with international organisations such as the International Kidney Coalition and advocacy networks focused on leukemia, we’veharnessed the power of patient insight to drive person centred improvements worldwide.  

In 2022, our work with the International Kidney Coalition shed light on the patient journey. The 2023 Global Leukemia Experience Survey, undertaken in partnership with the Acute Leukemia Advocates Network, CLL Advocates Network, and CML Advocates Network, will capture a diverse range of patient experiences. By engaging with people from various cultural, economic, and social backgrounds, this survey aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the global leukemia patient experience. This will lay the foundation for evidence-based strategies that transcend borders. 

On this World Cancer Day, let’s reflect on the meaningful strides we’ve taken together in reshaping cancer care. In the often quiet work of listening to data, we find the building blocks for a healthcare landscape where each person’s experience is heard and respected. Our collective efforts, guided by the authentic narratives within the data, lead us toward a future where cancer care is genuinely attuned to the individual. This will foster a space of understanding and support for all playing our part in closing the care gap towards a cancer-free world. 

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