Picker have partnered with The Acute Leukemia Advocates Network, CLL Advocates Network and CML Advocates Network to deliver the 2023 Global Leukemia Experience Survey

With a steadfast commitment to improving patient experience and outcomes for those diagnosed with leukemia and their carers, ALAN, CLLAN, and CMLAN have partnered with Picker to lead its established global leukemia survey.

The patient and carer surveys are comprehensive, with an ambitious mission to gather insights into their experiences and perspectives. This will further understanding and awareness on how to better support leukemia patients and their carers, facilitating advocacy for better treatment, care, and access to healthcare services.

By engaging patients from various cultural, economic, and social backgrounds, the survey aims to develop a comprehensive understanding of the global experience of leukemia patients, with the insights gathered playing a pivotal role in shaping evidence-based strategies that can be implemented by healthcare organisations, policymakers, and practitioners to enhance healthcare quality universally.

The key objectives are:

  • Highlight the key issues, experiences, and unmet needs for leukemia patients and their carers.
  • Explore diagnosis, care, and treatment for leukemia, collecting evidence in relation to experience and quality of life.
  • Gather further evidence to identify and communicate the varying levels of information, care and support available for patients and caregivers
  • Support patient organisations in sharing best practices and providing toolkits in patient advocacy.
  • Aid patient advocates and advocacy groups to inform and influence stakeholder communities, industry, and policy makers.

Picker, a leading international health and social care charity, has delivered the 2023 programme using best in class survey technology while driving improvements in programme design to increase engagement, efficiency, and response quality.

Sarah Gunn, Senior Project Manager at Picker leading on the Global Leukemia Survey, said: 

We are delighted to deliver the 2023 Global Leukemia Survey in collaboration with ALAN, CLLAN and CMLAN. At Picker, we strive to influence policy and practice so that health and social care systems are always centred around people’s needs and preferences. The experiences gathered from this survey will provide invaluable insights that will be shared and used on an international scale to drive positive change in the global healthcare landscape for Leukemia patients and their carers

Samantha Nier, Network Director at ALAN, said,

The Global Leukemia Experience Survey is a collaboration between ALAN, CLLAN and CMLAN, with the great support of Picker, and is key to understanding leukemia patients’ and carers’ experiences, perspectives, and quality of life. The data gathered will help draw attention to areas where further policy and campaigning work should be undertaken or where existing efforts should continue.


Notes for Editors 

  • The Global Patient Survey questionnaire is available in various languages and can be answered by anyone aged 18 and above directly or indirectly affected by a diagnosis of leukemia, whether this is somebody who has received a diagnosis or who is/has been a carer to someone with a diagnosis.
  • https://bit.ly/GlobalLeukemiaExperienceSurvey2023
  • Picker is an international charity working across health and social care.  Established in the US in 1987 and UK in 2000, our work is at the forefront of understanding and furthering the link between patient experience, person centred care, and clinical excellence.  We believe in high quality person centred care for all, always.   
  • For all media enquiries, please contact the Marketing & Communications Manager at Picker, Lorraine Pullen pressoffice.pickereurope.ac.uk 07825 952160.

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