Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2021 Workshop: Better understanding your feedback

The Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2021 (U16CPES21) reported interesting findings from young adults, children and their parents about their experiences of cancer care in England. On 16 November 2022, representatives of the Principal Treatment Centres (PTCs) came together to better understand this feedback and this is the video recording of this session. We want to thank all of our guest speakers for contributing to the workshop:

01:33: Welcome and thanks with Jodie Moffat, Deputy Director of Policy and Strategy at NHSE

10:10: National results presentation with Philippa Fortune, National Programme Lead at Picker and Kirsty Laing, Associate Insight Director at Explain Market Research

54:57: Margot’s story with Yaser Martini from Team Margot

1:11:14: Understanding and interpreting your data with Amy Tallett, Head of Research at Picker

1:47:39: Closing summary with Jodie Moffat

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