Staff surveys can transform workforces

Ruth Horne, Project Manager at leading health and social care research charity Picker, shares in Wellbeing News how staff surveys have the power to revamp workforces and elevate organisations to new heights of success.

About Ruth

Ruth Horne is an integral part of Picker’s service delivery team, specialising in bespoke patient and staff surveys. With a background in quantitative research and qualifications as an Integrative Counsellor MBACP, Ruth brings a unique blend of analytical expertise and a deep understanding of human dynamics to her role. Her dedication to crafting insightful surveys and fostering supportive work environments drives her passion for improving experiences within organisations.

Our experience

Picker are experts in measuring and understanding staff wellbeing, engagement, and experiences – particularly through staff experience surveys. We have coordinated the NHS Staff Survey since 2011. It is now the largest workforce survey in the world. We work with hundreds of organisations each year to measure staff experiences.

The delivery of high quality care is reliant on the employees providing it within health and social care systems. Staff engagement is paramount, with individual and team efforts, practices and behaviours directly impacting patient care experiences.

Patient and service user experiences offer valuable insights into the quality of health and social care services. At Picker, we advocate for care organisations to prioritise the enhancement of staff experience and wellbeing.

Our programmes and staff surveys, such as the NHS Staff Survey and National Quarterly Pulse Survey, track staff experience. We utilise advanced analysis and reporting techniques to ensure that results are comprehensively understood and effectively communicated. Additionally, we actively investigate the connections between staff morale and service-user experience.

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