Picker’s Independent Evaluation of the Q community to include further exploration of Q Lab and Q Exchange 

Picker, a leading health and social care research charity, has been entrusted by the Health Foundation to undertake a targeted exploration within the dynamic Q community alongside its current overall evaluation. Picker will conduct a comprehensive assessment of two key initiatives within Q, namely Q Lab and Q Exchange.

The Q community, led by the Health Foundation and supported by partners across the UK and Ireland, is a community of people across the UK and Ireland collaborating to improve the safety and quality of health and care. Q Lab employs creative and collaborative approaches to bring people together, understand what is known about a complex health care challenge and develop and test ideas. Q Exchange provides Q members with the opportunity to collaboratively develop and propose projects, with the potential to secure funding of up to £40,000 to support their ideas.

The deep dive evaluations represent a strategic effort to comprehensively understand the profound impact of these distinct Q initiatives. Through this assessment, Picker aims to uncover valuable insights into the tangible outcomes, transformative potential, and innovative strides facilitated by Q Lab and Q Exchange. Picker, along with fellow project evaluation partner ResPeo, will be employing various methodologies, including document reviews, semi-structured in-depth interviews, analysis of existing survey data, workshops, and the development of illustrative case studies, to understand how these Q flagship offers generate impact. 

Matthew Hill of The Heath Foundation said: 

“Picker’s expertise in conducting detailed evaluations will help us understand the true essence of initiatives like Q Lab and Q Exchange. We anticipate that this assessment will provide invaluable insights, enriching our understanding of how these initiatives support our members and inform the strategic development of our offers.”

Amy Tallett, Picker’s Head of Research, says,

“This research seeks to delve into the multifaceted impacts of Q Lab and Q Exchange, shedding light on the innovative ideas generated, the collaborations fostered, and the transformative potential they hold for improving the safety and quality of health and care. The Q Lab and Q Exchange evaluations will highlight how their impact might be further increased, to inform their future direction.”


Notes for Editors 

  • Picker is an international charity working across health and social care.  Established in the US in 1987 and UK in 2000, our work is at the forefront of understanding and furthering the link between patient experience, person centred care, and clinical excellence.  We believe in high quality person centred care for all, always.   
  • Built on decades of expertise, our survey package puts Picker at the forefront of mixed-methodology survey deployments – combining paper and digital for the most robust, measurable results.  We interrogate the links between staff morale and patient experience and are consistently working to define terms and measure outcomes more effectively.
  • For further information regarding The Health Foundation visit their website https://www.health.org.uk
  • For further information regarding The Q Community visit their website The Q community
  • For further information regarding ResPeo visit their website https://respeo.com
  • Media enquiries, please contact the Marketing & Communications Manager at Picker, Lorraine Pullen pressoffice@pickereurope.ac.uk Mobile: 07825 952160

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