Take part in testing a new questionnaire for staff experience in primary care

The opportunity has now closed. To find out more information on the Primary Care Survey Pilot, please contact the survey team at Picker on 01865 208116.

Project title: Primary Care Staff Survey Pilot

What are we doing?

Picker, an independent health and social care research charity, has been commissioned by NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSEI), to develop a new questionnaire to understand staff experience of primary care. We need some help testing the new questionnaire to make sure it is clear and easy to understand by primary care staff.

Who can take part?

The Primary Care Staff Survey pilot will sample staff working in general practices within Primary Care Networks (PCN) prior to the national survey rollout.

You can volunteer to take part if:

  • You currently work in general practice in primary care
  • You are clinical staff or non-clinical staff

What will this involve?

To help develop the survey, Picker is holding a series of informal, one-to-one video calls over MS Teams. During the interview we will discuss the questionnaire, including the content, format and length.

The interview will last for up to 60 minutes. They will be conducted at a time convenient for you during January 2022.

Would my participation in this study be kept confidential?

  • Yes – any information or comments you provide during the interview will be kept entirely confidential.
  • No identifying information (such as your name, or the name of the practice you work for) will be recorded or shared with anyone.
  • You will be asked to sign and complete a consent form that will be used only by researchers to confirm you have agreed to take part.

Your personal information will not be shared with anyone unless required by law, where there is a clear overriding public interest, or if something you say indicates that you are at risk of immediate harm.

How can I take part?

To register your interest to take part please contact us using one of the following methods:


  • A national survey of staff experiences within the NHS has been in place since 2003, and whilst this provides robust data measuring the experiences of hundreds of thousands of staff each year, to date it has not included staff working in primary care. The People Plan 2020 to 2021 includes a commitment to exploring the feasibility of a similar type of survey for NHS staff in primary care.
  • In early 2021, a feasibility study was completed exploring the feasibility of a national survey of staff experiences in primary care. This study was conducted to understand what the survey would look like and how it would be implemented. Responses from stakeholders, along with evidence from desk research, was used to determine the feasibility of carrying out the survey.
  • The feasibility study found there was an appetite for a national survey of primary care staff, with benefits such as providing a voice to staff in primary care as well as strengthening initiatives at national level. The study recommended conducting a pilot survey with a sample of staff in general practices within PCNs prior to the national survey rollout.
  • Following this recommendation, the pilot will provide an opportunity to develop and test the methodology and questionnaire for measuring workforce experience in general practices and primary care organisations.

What will happen to the information that I share?

The information that you share will be used to inform the development of a new questionnaire for the Primary Care Staff Survey pilot.

NHSEI and Picker comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Picker also complies with the Market Research Society’s (MRS) Code of Conduct by maintaining certifications from the International Standardisation of Organisations. Any sensitive or confidential material is stored securely in line with our data protection policy.

All the information you share with us during the interview will be deleted two weeks after we have completed survey development unless deletion is requested sooner.

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