Workshop: Understanding Cancer Patient Experience Survey 2022 Results

On November 29th, Picker and NHS England organised a workshop centred around dissecting the outcomes of the 2022 Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey, released on November 8th.  

Led by Picker’s Head of Research Amy Tallett, the workshop’s primary focus was to help participants comprehend the feedback and insights gleaned from the survey results. Key components of the workshop included an overview of the national data, a practical demonstration on how to utilise, navigate and interpret the various reports and outputs, dedicated time for attendees to ask questions, and a poignant opening presentation delivered by Samantha, a parent who had lost a child to cancer, talking about her and her family’s experiences of cancer care and treatment.  We also heard from Jodie Moffat, Deputy Director – Policy and Strategy, NHS Cancer Programme on what was being done with the results nationally.  

Full details about the survey and results are available on the dedicated survey website.

1.18: Henry’s Story from Samantha Luk
23:21: Hearing from the NHS Cancer Programme from Jodie Moffat, Policy and Strategy NHS Cancer Programme at NHSE
30:10: National Results from Caroline Hancock, Research Associate at Picker
48:22: Results and Outputs: Understanding and Interpreting you Data, Amy Tallett, Head of Research at Picker
1:22:12: Closing Remarks from Neil Churchill, Director for Experience, Participation, & Equalities at NHSE

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