National Inclusion Week: Harnessing the Power of Inclusivity

National Inclusion Week, founded by Inclusive Employers, aims to celebrate inclusion and take action to create inclusive workplaces. In this blog, Picker dives into the transformative power of being an inclusive employer and the multitude of benefits it brings. 

In today’s rapidly evolving and interconnected world, the concept of inclusivity has moved beyond being just a buzzword. It has become a driving force for positive change in workplaces across the globe. For employers, embracing inclusivity isn’t just the right thing to do; it’s a strategic imperative that can have a profound impact on an organisation’s culture, performance, and bottom line. 

Fostering diversity of thought

The success of Picker depends on the people who work within the Group. Capitalising on what is unique about individuals and drawing on our different perspectives and experiences adds value to the way we do business. By actively seeking out and embracing individuals from various backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives, we cultivate a diverse workforce that brings a wealth of unique insights and approaches to the table. Our founding principles are built around ensuring that people’s views count, with this diversity of thought sparking innovation, fuelling creativity, and leading to more well-rounded decision-making processes.  

Picker’s key principles as an employer 

We believe that respect, dignity, equality, appreciation of diversity, and freedom from discrimination are essential features of a positive person centred experience. At Picker, inclusivity starts at leadership level, with the executive team modelling our core values and demonstrating clear commitment to remove barriers and support the effective development of individuals.  Picker’s principles are underpinned by a suite of policies and procedures applied through inclusive leadership to support our diverse culture which encourages colleagues to bring their true selves to work.  

Picker strives to create a productive environment where everyone has an equal chance to succeed and where colleagues feel safe to raise concerns and challenge behaviour and attitudes which prevent us from achieving our vision for diversity and inclusion.  We have a number of initiatives in place to track our progress and hold us to account, such as equality, diversity and inclusion training, internal networks to support staff involvement in the charity and best practice approaches to recruitment activities. 

An ongoing commitment

Becoming an inclusive employer isn’t a one-time achievement; it’s an ongoing commitment that reaps enduring rewards. At Picker, we are committed to recognising all people as equals, valuing individual worth and diversity. The benefits of which extend beyond the workplace, touching every facet of our organisation’s operations and interactions. By embracing diversity, nurturing a culture of respect, and valuing each individual’s unique contributions, not only does it create a better workplace, but allows Picker to harness the power to transform into a dynamic, innovative, and thriving organisation. The journey towards inclusivity is a journey towards success for everyone involved. 

Celebrating Inclusion Week

Inclusion Week is a reminder that our differences are what make us stronger. By setting time to recognise and celebrate diversity, equality, and inclusivity, we create a world where every individual is treated with respect and dignity. It’s not just a one-week initiative; it’s a mindset shift that promotes understanding, empathy, and positive change. In embracing Inclusion Week, we take a step towards a brighter, more harmonious future where everyone’s contributions are acknowledged and celebrated. Find out more on how you can participate in Inclusion Week here. 

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