Jersey Government entrusts Picker to spearhead the island’s patient experience survey programme

Leading health and social care charity Picker is pleased to have been appointed by the Jersey Government to lead the island’s patient experience survey programme for 2023 following the successful research study in 2022 This initiative is central to enhancing the quality of health services in Jersey.

In 2022, Picker was entrusted with the task of creating and managing Jersey’s inaugural patient experience survey programme on behalf of the Jersey Care Commission. The programme focused on four crucial service areas: Mental Health, Maternity, Urgent and Emergency, and Inpatient services. The insights gleaned from the survey were instrumental in identifying areas for improvement and bolstering the overall standard of care provided to the residents of Jersey.

Picker is proud to continue its partnership with the Jersey Government for 2023. Ownership of the survey has transitioned from the Jersey Care Commission to the Health and Community Services Department, who have once again selected Picker to lead this vital initiative. This transition underscores the government’s unwavering dedication to ensuring that healthcare services in Jersey remain responsive to the needs of the community and committed to continuous improvement.

Picker’s role as the commissioner of the survey programme includes not only upholding the high standards established in the previous year but also expanding the programme’s scope. In addition to the service areas covered previously, this year’s programme will introduce a crucial Outpatient survey. By including outpatient experiences, the survey will offer a more comprehensive view of patient feedback across diverse healthcare settings.

Sarah Gunn, Senior Project Manager at Picker, expressed their enthusiasm for the renewed partnership, stating: 

“We are pleased to be chosen by the Jersey Government to once again execute this vital survey programme and contribute to the continued enhancement of healthcare services in Jersey. We are looking forward to gaining an understanding of the Outpatient services. This expansion ensures a holistic understanding of the healthcare landscape in Jersey and paves the way for meaningful improvements.”

Quote from Jessie Marshall, Interim Chief Nurse, Health and Community Services: 

“The patient survey programme is a vital tool to find out what patients have experienced when accessing health services in Jersey. We are looking forward to hearing from patients again, and identifying trends in the data, compared to last year’s results. The findings will help us understand what is good about patient care and whether any improvements are needed.”


Notes for Editors 

  • Picker is an international charity working across health and social care.  Established in the US in 1987 and UK in 2000, our work is at the forefront of understanding and furthering the link between patient experience, person centred care, and clinical excellence.  We believe in high quality person centred care for all, always.   
  • The Patient Surveys are designed to capture the experiences of people across the island who have received care from inpatient, outpatient, maternity, urgent and emergency care, and community mental health services. For the Patient Experience Full Report 2022 visit the Jersey Care Commission website.
  • please contact the Marketing & Communications Manager at Picker, Lorraine Pullen Mobile: 07825 952160

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