Involving Staff & Patients in Improvement Work

On Thursday, February 9th, Picker and the Patient Experience Network (PEN) chaired a webinar showcasing Trusts that took collaborative care approaches to improve services within health and social care.

The webinar was designed to inspire NHS teams, providers, charities, and commissioners on the impact of involving staff and patients in developing and improving services. To achieve this, we offered an impressive line up of speakers who shared how they formed equal partnerships with service users and stakeholders to successfully make improvements, demonstrated by their PENNA shortlisted projects.

Involving Staff and Patients in Improvement Work.


00.00 – Introduction from Chris
03.24 – Words from PEN
08.29 – Claire Delap, Co-producing a Long Covid Assessment and support Service for Kent & Medway
23.29 – Jenny Scott & Fiona Jenkins, Lead Provider Collaboratives
39.17 – Yvonne Mahambrey & Alison Germain-Martin, Development of a Regional Carer Passport.
56.00 – Q&A

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