Case Study: Improving Support for Black Men with Prostate Cancer

A recent video case study by Picker, in collaboration with NHS England, highlights the impact of the National Cancer Patient Experience Survey (CPES) on improving support for black men with prostate cancer. The case study features individuals from the Brother to Brother, Man to Man group, which operates under the guidance of Guy’s Cancer and the South East London Cancer Alliance (SELCA).

Watch the video case study

Prostate cancer affects one in eight men, but the risk is significantly higher for black men, with one in four facing the disease. The Brother to Brother, Man to Man group was established to address this issue, drawing insights from CPES results to enhance the support available to black men dealing with prostate cancer.

In the video, Evan, Colin, and Vernon share their personal experiences and stress the importance of participating in surveys like CPES to influence improvements in cancer care services. The CPES serves as a vital tool for understanding people’s experiences with cancer care throughout England, enabling healthcare providers to make informed enhancements based on the genuine needs and concerns of patients.

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