Transition Patient Experience Feedback Questionnaire

Our transition survey is available to licence and has been developed with young people to gather actionable feedback about their care experiences. It is relevant to those with a long-term physical health condition and focuses on their needs and priorities in relation to transferring to adult services.

The surveys have been developed with young patients and stakeholders, and cover key aspects of person centred care.

The questionnaire includes:

  • Planning and involvement in the transfer (including timing)
  • Access to information, advice and support
  • Opportunities to visit the new place of care and new care team prior to transfer
  • Experiences of hospital wards and outpatient clinic appointments
  • Understanding patient self-management of condition

There are two versions of the transition survey, one for people to self-report on their experiences as they approach transfer to adult services or are currently in transition (ie in the process of transferring), and another for those who have recently transferred to adult services.

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