Neonatal Parent Experience Survey

Picker’s survey of parents’ experiences of neonatal care, asking them to provide feedback on their baby’s stay on a neonatal unit after their discharge from hospital. The survey is available for neonatal units to licence, to understand how parents feel about the neonatal care their baby receives. It asks parents about their baby’s care on a neonatal unit and covers various aspects of family-centred care.
The survey covers:

  • Information sharing and communication
  • Practical support (eg. was help provided with feeding; was there signposting to support groups/charities)
  • Degree of patient involvement
  • Overnight accommodation for parents
  • Discharge process from the neonatal unit

Picker conducted this across 88 neonatal units in 2014. The survey was championed by Bliss, and partly funded by NHS England. Results were published in Patient Experience Journal, and can be viewed here.

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