Service specific patient experience toolkits

Picker own a diverse array of service-specific patient experience toolkits and surveys designed to enhance the understanding and measurement of health and social care quality. Below, you’ll find details about each of these valuable resources. Explore our collection and discover innovative ways to foster person centred care, ultimately contributing to our shared mission of delivering the highest quality person centred care for all, always.

The A&E department survey is designed to be completed after a patients experience in emergency care settings.

The questionnaire was originally developed in 2015 and a version of the tool is used nationally in the UK annually.

This tool is designed to be used after a patient has been for a scheduled outpatients appointment.

A version of this tool was used nationally in the UK to measure patient experience up until 2016 and now the tool is used in several outpatient departments throughout the UK and Europe. The tool has been adapted in mode in many settings to be used for real time or near real time feedback in both private and public healthcare settings.

Originally developed in 2014 Picker have recently partnered with Imperial college London to adapt the Neonatal care tool for real time feedback during the hospital stay.

Comprising of 31 questions the survey itself covers areas such as:

  • Communication with staff
  • Information and support
  • Involvement in your baby’s care

Originally developed in partnership with Leeds teaching hospital the Picker Inpatient survey for adults with learning disabilities has been developed in easy read format to enable the patient themselves to complete feedback on their experiences in any inpatient setting.

The survey includes pictures to accompany the qyestiuns and clear and concise questions covering all the main Picker principles for healthcare.

Examples of areas covered are:

  • Interactions with staff
  • Pain management
  • Attention to physical needs

Our transition survey has been developed with young people to gather actionable feedback about their care experiences. It is relevant to those with a long-term physical health condition and focuses on their needs and priorities in relation to transferring to adult services.

The questionnaire includes:

  • Planning and involvement in the transfer (including timing)
  • Access to information, advice and support
  • Opportunities to visit the new place of care and new care team prior to transfer
  • Experiences of hospital wards and outpatient clinic appointments
  • Understanding patient self-management of condition

There are two versions of the transition survey, one for people to self-report on their experiences as they approach transfer to adult services or are currently in transition (ie in the process of transferring), and another for those who have recently transferred to adult services.

Our free toolkit, developed by Picker and funded by NHS England, is available to all providers of health visiting services in England under licence. It comprises comprehensive guides and documents to allow providers of health visiting services to implement the survey themselves.
The toolkit includes:

  • Survey implementation and sample compilation guides
  • Ready-to-use mailing letters and a questionnaire
  • Data capture instructions and a data entry template
  • A data analysis and interpretation guide

Information about the development of the survey has been published here.

The Picker Patient Experience Questionnaire is a core set of 15 questions that can be used to measure patient experiences of inpatient care across multiple care settings.

Originally developed in 2002, the tool is currently used in various hospitals throughout the UK and Europe and covers all the Picker principles in a short questionnaire.

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