Improving compassionate care

Using near real-time feedback to improve patient experience of compassionate care.

Our toolkit is designed for anyone wanting to improve patient experiences in hospitals. It provides full implementation support for a near real-time feedback approach to allow hospitals to understand and act on patient experiences of compassionate care more quickly. We work with your organisation to help you showcase how you are addressing current policy directives, and demonstrate your commitment to improving compassionate care.

The toolkit includes:

  • A validated questionnaire which allows for comparison across wards (ward-specific questions or elements can be easily added); questionnaire implementation guide.
  • Recommendations on cost-efficient implementation, detailed information about volunteer training, reporting and evaluation.
  • Case studies on the experiences of six case study sites, focusing on inherent challenges, lessons learnted and impacts.

Further information about the survey can be found here:

Our principles include

Emotional support, empathy and respect

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