Children’s Friends and Family Test (FFT) form

Our NHS Friends and Family Test (FFT) form for children and young people is freely available for use by NHS providers. It has been developed and extensively tested with children and young people to ensure that the wording is appropriate, and the form is appealing to a younger audience. Focus groups and interviews were used to obtain children’s views on question text, response options and overall design – including the use of colour and illustrations.

The question wording was incorporated into the national FFT guidance as the recommended question for children and young people.

The form includes:

  • The FFT question, as well as follow-up free text questions
  • Collating demographics of participants (age and gender)
  • A question asking who completed the form (young patient, parent/carer or both)

This form was updated in March 2020 to ensure alignment with the revised national guidance effective from 1st April 2020.

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Read the research into developing the FFT for children and young people.

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