Bec Aeddi

Research Associate

Bec gained practical experience in qualitative and quantitative research methods throughout her undergraduate degree in Sociology at the University of Nottingham, from which she graduated with a high 1st. Additionally, she graduated with an award for ‘best dissertation’ due to primary research, which combined her methodological understanding and theoretical knowledge of health inequalities to qualitatively examine the holistic well-being of women with a contested reproductive illness. The data was gathered through an asynchronous, text-based focus group on a social media website.

Since joining Picker, Bec has supported several small and large-scale projects, focusing on creative outputs and digital methods. These have included championing the use of asynchronous digital focus groups for qualitative research and leading the visual aspects of the redesign of the Under 16 Cancer Patient Experience Survey national report. At the start of her role, Bec supported work on NHS England and Improvement’s Co-Production Evaluation, which helped to foster an ongoing passion for genuine co-production as the heart of research. Bec hopes to continue contributing to Picker by exploring, utilising, and co-producing innovative, accessible ways to conduct and communicate research.

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